An 8-week course for women who want to love fiercely and be loved unconditionally. 

Imagine the most open, truest kind of love. 

Where… You are fully present and all in. You are who you are… as is. You know what you want and ask for it. You are free of resentment and guilt. 

You embody respect, rule your realm and are passionately generous. 

Relationships are complicated. Heartbreak hurts. 

To love and be loved is the bravest thing. 

I have a hunch that...

You are longing for true connection.

You are a well of intense feelings.

Conflict eats away at you. 

You wish you could be one of those women who doesn’t take any shit, but when you try it just doesn’t come out right. 

You are wise and deep and insightful.

You are responsible. For a lot. 

You wish it didn’t matter so much to you what other people think.

You are exhausted from walking on eggshells around the important people in your life. 

You are tired of being taken for granted. 

You feel resentful and misunderstood.

And if somebody would just see you, hear you, appreciate you and love you for who you are

you wouldn’t be so lonely. 


If you have a desire to...

Change the way you experience loving and being loved 

Learn how to respond authentically rather than react 

Accept yourself and others and judge less 

Integrate tools to navigate decisions and emotions 

Cultivate mindfulness and intention in your words and actions 

Empower yourself so you aren’t a victim to circumstances and other people’s actions and emotions

Connect to something bigger

know WHY you have what you have and do what you do

you are a brave one.



Loving and being loved isn’t something for wimps. It’s for radical truth tellers. It’s for those who are willing to rouse their inner rebel. And show up for real. 

Because in love, everything we want to forget about ourselves is revealed. 

All the behaviors that annoy us to no end are present. 

There is no hiding.

And everything we fantasized about what love should be is proven wrong. 

Real love… the kind where we share ourselves for real… is  BRAVE LOVE. 

It’s probably not something you learned from your parents. It’s not something you’ve been taught how to do. And you aren’t going to get it handed to you by the people in your life.

You, Brave One are going to have to do it yourself. 

But you don't have to do it alone. 


I have created something to empower you with awareness, equip you with tools and guide you into knowing your real self so you can love fiercely and be loved unconditionally. 

BRAVE LOVE is an 8-week group coaching program

   Each week includes...

    •A 60 minute live (and recorded) class 

    •Brave words to live by

    •A daily practice audio

    •Daily questions emailed to you to dig deep

    •An interaction log to record relationship insights

    •A ritual to seal the message


You will also receive..

•The Brave Love 8-Week Digital Workbook (You will have these tools for always.)

•Private Email Coaching. On a daily basis... TONS of coaching!  

•A follow-up call: Bringing it all Together

*And an extra BONUS- 3 recorded Inquiry Yoga classes that reinforce the topics. (Gentle poses for the purpose of insight... no yoga experience necessary!)