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The Brave Love Foundations course is offered as a private coaching package to exactly fit your needs and your schedule even when group classes are full or not in session. Email me directly to inquire.

Love fiercely. 

The Brave Love Foundations program is  designed to guide you into really showing up in all your relationships, so that you can be seen, appreciated and loved for who you are.  

This course is for women who are exhausted from trying to please, be who others need them to be, and keep their resentment contained. 

In our 6 weeks together, you will learn to choose intimacy over false connection, honor your wants and needs and bravely ask. You will explore what is keeping you stuck. And practice coming home to yourself again and again. 

I created this class to help you transform your relationships as a friend, mother, daughter, sister and wife by tapping into your truth, your beauty and your courage to show up without pretense or pretending.

This is the bravest kind of love. 


Learn actual conversational scripts. Practice being centered and strong. Break the patterns that are keeping you stuck. 

Love fiercely and be loved unconditionally. 

Brave Love Foundations is a 6-week class that will show you how. 


Take this course if...

The same things keep happening in your relationships and no matter what you try, nothing changes. 

You wish you could be one of those people who doesn’t take any crap, but when you try it just doesn’t come out right.

You feel responsible for maintaining your relationships. (And wonder if they would survive if you stopped.)

You wish it didn’t matter so much to you what other people think.

You are tired of being taken for granted.  (And want someone to see how amazing and rare you are.)

You feel resentful and misunderstood.

You long for someone to take care of you like you take care of them.

You are so tired of having to walk on eggshells.

You want to know how to navigate conversations, disagreements and decisions with clarity and confidence. 

You want to stand up for yourself. 

And you want to stop feeling so lonely... even when other people are around. 



Week One:    Your Center

We all revolve our energy, attention, awareness around an “axis”. Learn to find your own center axis within you. Learn when you leave and place your axis on others and why. Practice coming back to your own center again and again. This is where empowerment begins. 


Week Two: Relearning Love

Take a look at your history and what you learned love is. Look objectively at how you were held. Become aware of how you hold yourself and others in your interactions. Let go of false notions, expectations, idealized childhoods. Grieve the holding you didn’t have so you can make space for love, kindness and compassion. 


Week Three:  Self-Worth

Begin to hold yourself with kindness and in healthy self-worth. Distinguish inherent worth from behaviors and choices. Notice when you go one-down into shame or one-up into grandiosity and why.  Learn to bring yourself back to equal worth and come into full acceptance of your whole self so that your full self can come out of hiding.


Week Four: Forgiveness

Make peace with your past. Learn and practice self-forgiveness. Explore your shadow and the energy expended to hide parts of yourself. Notice when you are triggered into self-doubt, second guessing and shame as you interact with others. Invite radical compassion.


Week Five:  Anger

Make friends with healthy anger. Learn about boundaries . Memorize what anger feels like in your body and use it to determine your values, wants and truth. Recognize when you turn anger inward into shame, avoid protecting yourself and fail to contain… and why. Honor your own truth, practice protecting it, asking for what you want and standing up for yourself with quiet strength. 


Week Six:   Giving and Receiving

Learn the difference between taking care and care-taking. Open the channel of giving and receiving and keep it balanced. Notice when you slip into enabling behaviors and learn to stay true to your intention. Investigate when you give too much or too little in your interactions and come back into balance. 



How it works...

One foundation class each week.

Weekly Foundation Teaching. Mondays. This comes to you as a pre-recorded audio and a transcript.

We will meet once a week, virtually. 

Weekly Group Coaching Call.  Wednesdays. You can ask questions or ask for help, receive coaching and share how you are integrating tools. If you cannot attend, questions can be submitted earlier and I will answer them on the call. These calls will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience. 

There will be homework.

Weekly Inquiry Questions. An exploration of how the month’s foundation is showing up in your life and your relationships. These questions can be recorded privately in your journal and/or answered on the group forum.

Lots of self-directed curiosity.

Weekly Interaction Log. You will become a detective as you interact with people in your life, recording findings, insights, reactions and observing patterns.

Daily practices. 

Guided Meditations. Each foundation has an accompanying short meditation to ground you in and open you to the foundation. 


Relational skills and scripts and how to implement them. 

Best of all, there will be support and tons of coaching.

Daily forum coaching. You'll be invited to join a private forum so we can communicate in between our group-coaching sessions. I’ll coach you and support you as you process and apply new insights and skills. I’ll be available every single week day for the duration of class.

And some bonuses!

Extra Goodies. Playlists, yin yoga classes, weekly mantras, links to resources and special pricing for private coaching sessions. 

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"This class is just what I needed to process my feelings of rejection and feel like I am in charge of my life."      -January 2018 Student

"I didn’t know what self-compassion was until I took this class. When I look in the mirror, it’s a whole new experience."  -January 2018 Student

"I was feeling hopeless and lost when it comes to relationships. This class gave me hope, skills and grounding in myself." -January 2017 Student

"I have never looked at myself and my husband just as we are. I’ve always been hung up on what we could be. I hope it’s not TMI to say we are having sex again after an embarrassingly long time." -January 2018 Student

"The content of this program is awesome. The themes, the questions, the practices, the additional tools - all are extremely thoughtfully created, beautiful, and helpful. I am so happy to have these tools." -January 2017 Student

"I feel so supported by the wisdom offered in this class and it’s been a really long time since I’ve truly felt supported. Thank you." -January 2017 Student



Wednesdays at 12pm EST.


All classes will be recorded and available later in the same day. Questions can be submitted via email prior to the class and I will address them on the call. 




If you interact with people, you are in a relationship. If you have pets in your life, you are in a relationship. The foundations of Brave Love are imperative for true connection in every relationship we have currently, and for every relationship we will have in the future.  And the basis of this work is the relationship you have with YOU. 


You will have access to the classes and recordings for one year. 


Email me directly and ask away!

"Before I started the Brave Love program, I felt aware and accepting of my co-dependency tendencies, but without direction.  Like having a medical diagnosis, but no treatment plan. Now I know exactly why, who and what topics trigger me. I am able to assess when my center of axis is outside myself and bring it back in.  I can lovingly ask myself what I am feeling, what I need right now and give myself permission to do it.  I can set healthy boundaries without guilt.  I feel strong in my sense of inherent worthiness.  I don't do things for others without asking myself why anymore. The program was salve for my soul and what I needed to finally let myself be me and nurture myself and stop over-functioning for my family and putting their needs at the expense of mine.  It has helped me manage being empathic without going into overwhelm. This course has been a game changer for me. It was like corrective lenses for my soul.  I had no idea how crystal clear leaves on a tree looked until I got glasses at 22.  This was the same experience.  I am so grateful for this work. It matters. A lot."

 -Connie Haley, January 2017 Student