Revisiting our core foundation... coming back to center and revolving around our own axis, 



In our culture of technology, we often lose conscious connection to patterns of nature, including lunar cycles. But they still affect us on a deeper level... physically, emotionally and mentally.

The new moon is the beginning of the cycle. It is a time to go inward. Think: Fresh start AND retreat. If you pay attention, you might find that you feel a need for alone time and maybe even a bit anti-social during these few days. That's because what's most needed is a nurturing restoration, a washing away of what's no longer needed (like menstruation) and consideration of what's to come. It's not a time for doing. 

To honor this, let's talk about some intentions you have for the month. Kind of like a verbal vision board. 
We will consider...
What needs to be released?
What needs TLC?
What do I want to create/invite/do?

And of course...WHY:)


Here is a short (under 10 min) audio of a guided daily check in.  Take a few moments after checking in to make note of what you experience/find/notice each day. If you'd like to use the Inquiry Journal pages to do this... here's the link:) INQUIRY JOURNAL


The Women's Wheel of Life (linked to Amazon)




Anytime we don't allow grief to flow when there has been a loss, a death, a transition... there will be an obstruction and it will not be possible to fully move forward. 

The internal questions for grief (from The Language of Emotions) are: What must be mourned? What must be released completely? 

Karla McClaren says, "Grief is a beautiful, languid, and powerful emotion that arises when death occurs. be it actual death or the death of profound attachments, ideas or relationships.... grief drops you directly into the river of all souls." 

This month, let's look at what we're holding. See where we might have some energy stuck in the past. And begin to practice release. 

BECAUSE... life is asking something of us. We have realms to rule and people to love in the here and now. And we need to fully, completely and bravely show up:)



The Relationship Trinity. 

What's best for me? What's best for you? What's best for the relationship?