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Join forces. 

Gather with other women who are waking up in midlife and crossing the threshold into their next iteration and purpose. We begin in September!



Through decades of experiencing, witnessing, transforming, maturing, failing, flourishing, surviving, nurturing, contemplating, working, suffering, rejoicing... You have come to know things. 

What do we do with this seemingly elusive knowledge? (It's actually a trove of crucial information.)

How do we find the greater sense of purpose we are longing for? 

Where do we start when we're trying to figure out what's next?

We join forces with other women who are asking the same questions and lift each other up, hold each other to the highest version of ourselves and support each other through the light and the dark. There is nothing quite like the collected worldly wisdom of women who know things. 

You have a realm to rule. A purpose that evokes your most cherished beliefs. It might be your home and family, your work, your community, a task force,  or a book group.  It might be something you have not yet discovered. Whatever it is, your realm needs you.


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You are meant for this community if...

You want to have the courage to take responsibility and offer strong, compassionate guidance. (And also know exactly what to delegate.)

You long to come into full expression of your truth and beauty... to be quite secure in yourself.  

You have a deep yearning for bonds with other women who are kindred spirits that goes beyond just wanting to belong. (That's because it's in our bones.)

You are tired of being preoccupied with what others think and want to bravely follow your own insights, creativity and knowing.  (With loving discrimination, of course.)

You find yourself highly introspective and more spiritual than you've ever felt.

You are tired of being afraid of your power, the part of you that is a leader... a matriarch... by virtue of your maturity and age (and are ready to embrace it.) 

You crave a sense of purpose.

You know in your heart that your nurturing, intuition and empathy are so very needed. 

You are certain that relationships, human connection and interdependence are the foundation that everything else is built on and you want to encourage, uphold and restore that. (Which means you want to be a revolutionary.)

Who would you be if you could... 

Embrace your wisdom. Love fiercely. Lead with compassion and grace. Rule your realm. 


The focus of this group is embracing the energy of the matriarch archetype. (Notice the elephant in the picture!) Matriarch elephants are absolutely crucial to the well-being and success of their herd. As are you. 

I see the matriarch as a woman who…

Leads from the wisdom of maturity, cultivating harmony in her surroundings. 

Lives with the centered autonomy of releasing the need for approval. 

Devotes her energy to meaningful goals by having very clear intentions and very strong boundaries. 

Expresses bravely and truly from a place of really knowing herself.

Loves fiercely, protectively and without ego. 


And we are not alone.

We desperately need the support of other women to help us fully step into our own presence and power (and do the things listed above!) We need confirmation, witnessing, input, empathy, advice, frankness, and camaraderie. 

We need to share what we know and openly receive from others. 

Each month will have a life-area focus with guided inquiry, reimagining what’s possible, intention setting and tons of coaching and support from me and from the collective wisdom other women. The content, teaching and coaching will be based on the foundations of Brave Love and infused with The Desire Map. 

Beginning now... 

No more hiding. No more waiting for things to change. No more passivity. 

Let'stake the reigns back from life. 

It all begins with knowing how you want to feel. 

And that's why I'm so excited to dive into...

THE DESIRE MAP - especially curated for women coming into their own in midlife. (But not really sure how to start.)


Expanding the foundations of BRAVE LOVE into all areas of life. 


We will begin by identifying your own personal Core Desired Feelings. These are the feeling states that you are after in everything you do (or don't do!)  When we bring them to light, we can intentionally cultivate them in tiny ways and in big ways. We can begin to expand into our whole selves. Then we will spend time reimagining, reworking and refining every realm of our lives so that you can...

Know what you want and live in full accordance with your wisdom, autonomy, devotion, expression and love. 

Cultivate daily practices that are in alignment with who you are.

Develop extremely discerning boundaries about where to put your energy.

Take extraordinary care of yourself, your home, your relationships... and in doing so, spread the love and beauty.

If you are wondering what's next and imagining what this next stretch of life is all about, I get it. Me too. I've developed this course and circle of women because I need it and I'm inviting other women who need it, too. 


•Meetings will be Wednesdays at noon EST. (They will all be recorded!)

•Shared work, discussion and support will happen 24/7 on the private forum.

•You will practice tools and get tons of coaching. 




Q: Why The Desire Map? And what is it anyway?

A: The Desire Map is a guide to creating goals with soul that begins with knowing how you want to feel. Everything we want... even material things... is a craving for a feeling. Once we know our Core Desired Feelings (usually about 5 or so) we can begin to cultivate goals that bring more and more of those feeling states into our lives. It was created/written by Danielle LaPorte and I am a facilitator of Desire Map workshops. It is a practice I've revisited every September (and sometimes again on my birthday!) 

Q: What if I haven't yet taken the Brave Love course?

A: No worries! The teachings of the foundations will be woven into our discussions and all the coaching. And as a Brave One, you can take it at a discount next time it's offered if you so choose:)

Q: Do I have to commit to 12 months of membership?

A: No! Of course I would love to have you here for the full year. I believe that thorough implementation happens over time. I also am a cultivator of long term relationships because of the depth and meaning and strength that only time can establish.  But I know that needs and wants and situations change and you can end your membership at any time!

Q: What if I can't attend the meetings?

A: No problem at all! All the meetings will be recorded and posted the same day. They will be available to watch for the full 12 months. 

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Any questions at all... no matter how big or how small, email me directly!



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