Private Coaching 

For women who are ready to come out of hiding, live their purpose, be loved for who they are and express themselves fully in all ways.

A private coaching mentorship gives you me in your corner.

Helping you navigate all the stuff. Meeting you where you are with guidance, support and love. Together we will find your voice. Uncover your desires. Advocate for your needs.  I will be by your side cheering you on as you become more and more true to yourself in every one of your relationships. (Including the one with yourself!)  And I will be here to see, understand and hold space during the rough times, too. 

These private sessions = masterful life coaching + mind-body-heart-soul healing.

Sometimes there might be crying. Sometimes laughing. Sometimes confronting hard things. Always there will be compassion and grace. And the safest space to get to know the real you.

I begin with listening.

Deep listening. Tuning into your thoughts, beliefs and feelings, exploring the places in your life where you feel stuck or squelched. I will look for patterns of interaction and help you make connections, uncovering habitual ways of doing or thinking that are holding you back. Your preconceived notions will be challenged, you will find meaning and purpose in your emotions. And, at the same time, we will investigate what's being held in your body. (Depths of wisdom.) When we start to explore your whole being,  you begin to release what's blocked and stored. You move toward restoring wholeness. You learn to really tune-in, and find your most essential self. Your truth.

I will help you bravely make truer decisions.  Guide you into healing what's hurting. Teach you to navigate your life and relationships with intention, clarity and trust. And bring you into union... with you. So that you can express yourself fully in all ways and wholeheartedly connect to your people. This is the bravest kind of love. 

A Private Coaching mentorship be for you if...

You are committed to a long term relationship, but feel like something is missing. 

You're tired of walking on eggshells around the people in your life. 

You know that deep down you are passionate, creative and brilliant! But you don't know how to access it or express it.

You get preoccupied with what other people think. And you wish it didn't matter so much.

You long for clarity, direction and purpose. Instead of just going through the motions.

You feel pressure to do things right and make sure everything appears fine. And it's stifling.

You long to come out of hiding.

You often feel like you are waiting for something or someone to change. Or just for something to happen.

You feel resentful, misunderstood and unappreciated. Even though you love the important people in your life.

You know the person the world sees doesn't match the you on the inside. 

You are ready to do whatever it takes... including risking what is... to be guided home.

To you.


Pam is hands down the best coach I know. She cuts straight to the heart of the matter, walks beside you with heart felt empathy and lovingly hands you back to yourself again and again.-2.png

Single Private Session


Break open. Break through. Perspective and cut-to-the-chase truth & clarity.
Schedule a Single Inquiry Session if:

  • You'd like to try out coaching.
  • You are in the middle of a decision/argument/relational crisis and need some grounding clarity.
  • You feel you have drifted off track and need to reconnect to yourself. 

5 Sessions



Maybe you are tangled up in your thoughts or emotions and don't know what's real anymore. Maybe you feel like you are at your wit's end. Maybe you have a repeating issue that needs to change now. Or maybe you just want an objective perspective and witness to what's going on (internally and externally right now.)

Personalized Mentorship (Monthly Retainer)


A personal journey into bravely navigating from your truth. This is full-on navigation for your life — deep, transformative work. It is specifically for you when you  are ready to go deep, truly connect with your mind, body, heart and soul. I will be by your side through all the decisions, relationship twists and turns and whatever arises. Guiding you to live your truth. For real. Schedule your sessions when you need them. Work through stuff as it arises. On demand. In real time. You will have access to The Brave Love Project materials and an invitation to the Brave Ones Community.

Add-on coaching Sessions for Brave Ones


One-to-one, individualized support to go deep into the questions, tools and practices you are exploring. Work through belief systems, uncover and accept shadow aspects, forgive and heal the past, establish healthy boundaries and open fully to self-acceptance and love. If you find there is a topic that needs deeper attention, a place you feel stuck, a relationship issue that needs tending or a curiosity that you want to dive into... this is for you.  Explore your Enneagram type, work through physical symptoms, investigate the subconscious through dreams, unravel persistent thoughts...  Nothing is off-limits! 

Pam is hands down the best coach I know. She cuts straight to the heart of the matter, walks beside you with heart felt empathy and lovingly hands you back to yourself again and again.-5.png

You don’t have to do this alone.

Interested in working together?  Send me an email and I'll tell you where to start.