building relationships




that are the foundation for everything else.


Dear Brave One,

Your life is your art, and has the potential for full expression of your truth and beauty.

Finding that truth and a way to express that beauty through deep connection with others  — that is what I dig most. 

To share yourself, you must know yourself. You must be at home within yourself. You must love yourself as-is.

And that is brave work, indeed. 

Because in order to have truth and real intimacy in any relationship, you absolutely must be willing to take a risk...

The risk of sharing every aspect of your multi-faceted self.

Change begins with acknowledging the truth of what is. Some of that might be dark. Some of it might be painful. But that darkness and that pain are the catalysts for transformation. 

Feeling the darkness and pain of past regrets? 




8-week group program

An intimate group course that teaches you how to have the relationships you long for, know what you want and ask for it and love fully and fiercely without compromising yourself.


immersion + Mentorship

8-week individual program

All the content of the Immersion personalized with private coaching sessions and email support. 

private coaching

1-1 sessions 

Private sessions, email and text support. The safest space to bring you into union with... you... and the important people in your life. Ongoing guidance meeting you right where you are as you navigate life.