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My clients come from all walks of life. They are moms, professors and entrepreneurs. They are therapists, artists and yogis. They work in healing, publishing and galleries. They value being engaged in meaningful work. They want to make a difference in a way that's unique to them. 

They long to be surrounded by beauty. They want their homes and clothes and style to reflect who they are. No matter how much they tell themselves this stuff doesn't matter, it doesn't work because it matters. They want to fully express who they are in all ways. 

Most of all, they value their relationships. They want to be devoted mothers, loving wives, and trusted friends. They want to be important, crucial even,  to the people in their lives. But they also need sacred space for themselves. 

My clients are smart, insightful women. And yet, they often wonder, "Why can't I get it together? What is wrong with me?"

They believe they should be happy, and they are so very grateful for what they have. But... at the same time  they don't ever feel truly satisfied, are often resentful and want something more. Something different and deep. Although what that is may be a mystery.

They are tired of being so wrapped up in doing the right thing, upholding an image and pleasing others. And they wish they didn't have to expend so much energy into not letting people down or making things easier for them.

My clients have created lives for themselves. And on the outside it may look like they know what they're doing. On the inside, they second-guess every single thing. They wish they could break free from self-consciousness and really show up in their lives. (And they secretly envy people who seem to do that so easily.)  For so long they have been working hard for praise and favor, keeping up with expectations, managing relationships among friends and family. Somewhere along the way, they lost touch with themselves. The more they hold it together on the outside, the more the inside feels like a holy mess. 

And at their core, they have a longing to be SEEN and KNOWN.

For what I call Brave Love. 

You may hear yourself saying-

  • If I weren't so afraid of how I'll be perceived, I’d be able to consider who I really want to be.
  • Everybody thinks they know who I really am, but they have no idea.
  • I want somebody to love me for me, not because of what I can be for them
  • What if my life passes me by and I never do the meaningful thing I'm meant to do?

When a truth is calling you- and you'll know when it is by the tug, longing or whisper that won't go away- bravely connecting to yourself is the path to freedom. Focusing on external roles, circumstances and expectations leads to disconnect. It puts us in a spin cycle and it's so easy to get stuck in unconscious patterns of doing and being and thinking.

If we continue to approach and react to things in the same way, we are going to get the same results.

When we shift internally towards coming home to ourselves, just a little bit... the things around us start to shift, too.

It feels like magic, but it’s physics.

The journey to living your truth is a transformation from the inside out. It's coming into full intimacy with yourself.  Learning what that means, feels like, and looks like on a day-to day-basis. 

Change is an adventure that begins as soon as you begin to bravely shine light on what's going on inside. In your mind. In your body. In your heart. In your soul. And in the places where those parts of you... those voices... intermingle. 

You don't have to do this alone. 

We all need someone to bear witness. To reflect back to us what's being processed. Unlike the very best meaning friends- You don't have to worry about how your choices will affect me. You don't have to watch what you say.  I won't try to shape your desires to meet my needs. I don't have expectations that you will behave a certain way. I will guide you to who you are underneath all that.  I am the advocate of your truth. I will be with you every step of the way.

And I've got your back. 

"Pam is half minister, half rock and roll. She teaches yoga in a blue jean jacket. Her coaching magic is so subtle and deft that sometimes I wouldn't notice its power until weeks later when I had to pull over and cry into my shirtsleeves. If you need to crack your life open to a much wider landscape, if you are tired of carrying an old suitcase of pain around, if you have misplaced your heart in piles laundry and bills, if you want to stop being afraid and lying to yourself every minute of every day, work with Pam. She will lift your spirits and awaken the wild music of your lost soul." ––Caroline Hemphill

Haunted by shame and regret? I have something for you. 

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