Throughout out lives we move through many iterations of ourselves. 

As we come into midlife, how we show up in all areas of our lives matters. To ourselves, our people and the world. 

Your home environment, the food you eat, the way you dress, how you relate, your spiritual practice... all represent you. They way you show up is ALWAYS affecting how you feel. It is ALWAYS showing others who you are. And, now that we are the grown-ups of the world, it is ALWAYS teaching others how to be.

I'm finding myself at this place of knowing all this and at the same time not really sure what this next iteration will bring. September is always my favorite time to ground myself in renewed intentions and start fresh. But this year it feels bigger and less like refining goals and more like... where do I even start? I honestly don't know what's next. 

I do know that I want to take pause and commit to showing up with-


Leading from maturity, cultivating harmony in our surroundings. 


Living from a center of truth, releasing the need for approval. 


Directing energy with discernment to meaningful goals by having very clear intentions and very strong boundaries. 


Speaking, styling, being, and moving bravely and truly.


Loving fiercely, protectively and without ego. 

Because I know for sure. Whether you do it with intention or not, how you show up is impacting everything. And your full presence is needed here. 

Things as seemingly small as the mug you drink your coffee (or tea!) from, the pajamas you wear to bed, the way you word an email... send a message to yourself and to everyone you touch. 

Life has a way of taking the reigns. Pulling us in many directions and being the catalyst for habits we may or may not be choosing on purpose. 

But you know what?

We know things. About ourselves, about people, about life. And at this point in our lives,

Instead of letting the realm rule us, let's show up and rule our realm. 

Beginning this September. 

No more hiding. No more waiting for things to change. No more passivity. 

It's time to take the reigns back from life. 

It all begins with knowing how you want to feel. 

And that's why I'm so excited to dive into...

THE DESIRE MAP - especially curated for women (like me!) coming into their own in midlife. (But not really sure how to start.)

And expanding the foundations of BRAVE LOVE into all areas of life. 

It's time to know what you want and live in full accordance with your wisdom, autonomy, devotion, expression and love. 

It's time to have very clear goals that are in alignment with who you are.

It's time to have extremely discerning boundaries about where to put your energy.

It's time to take extraordinary care of yourself, your home, your relationships... and in doing so, spread the love and beauty.

If you are wondering what's next and imagining what this next stretch of life is all about, I get it. Me too. I've developed this course and circle of women because I need it and I'm inviting other women who need it, too. 


•Classes will be Wednesdays at noon EST. (They will all be recorded!) 

•Shared work, discussion and support will happen 24/7 on the private forum.

•You will practice tools and get tons of coaching. 


•We will begin with some fun prompts on the forum when it opens September 10th and by posting responses to your first deep dive on September 17th. Our first live class is on September 19th!



What is The Desire Map?

It is a guide to creating goals with soul that begins with knowing how you want to feel. Everything we want... even material things... is a craving for a feeling. Once we know our Core Desired Feelings (usually about 5 or so) we can begin to cultivate goals that bring more and more of those feeling states into our lives. 

Do I have to commit to 12 months?

No! Of course I would love to have you for a year:) But you can cancel your membership whenever you'd like.