Episode 28: Your Grown-Up Christmas List - What Do You *Really* Want?

Meadow and I talk about getting clear on what you actually want (for Christmas, the holiday season, in your marriage, or just life in general.) What things, feelings, experiences do you really want and what might you be doing to distract yourself (or sabotage yourself) from getting what you want? Sometimes it's hard to truly know what you want, we discuss how to search for clues to help you figure it out.

Episode 26: How To Forgive And Why You Want To

Join us as we discuss what forgiveness is, how it works, what steps are involved and why it's so damned hard sometimes. Learn why forgiveness can't be rushed and isn't always the (immediate) answer. We discuss dialogue examples for different types of forgiveness and talk about different scenarios (large and small) and how to handle them.

Episode 20: How To Deal With A Problem

We all have problems. Sometimes they're big problems. Sometimes they're small problems. Join us as we discuss a new strategy for dealing with problems that will open you up to possibility and creativity. We talk about how to move away from fear so you can see challenges in a way that will unfold the miraculous. Learn how to solve (not fix) a problem and open to growth, possibility and freedom.

Episode 19: When You Can't Get Enough

Meadow and I discuss how to deal with insatiable desires; the panicky feeling of wanting more and not being able to get it. Whether it's more love, more attention, more Doritos or more money -- it all points to the same thing: a loss of connection from within.