East Coast Retreat

with Pam and Laurie

Thursday, August 11th - Sunday, August 14th

{3 Spots Left!}


Come and hang out with us for a weekend!

Join us this summer for a weekend of yoga, restoration and self-discovery in an idyllic Vermont resort and spa.

Who is this retreat for?

We put together this retreat with smart, soulful women in mind.

We love retreats because...

Retreats remove us from our day to day lives and provide clarity and perspective in a way that nothing else does. When we step outside of our regular routine, we give ourselves the space we need to get to know and settle into who we are right now. We learn how to bring our leaps and bounds of internal growth and strength into the world. 

Retreats are a sacred container. 

Retreats are place to touch down on solid ground by gathering with other seekers, wayfinders and pilgrims. The presence of all of us, seated on our mats- journaling, laughing, talking- creates community unlike any we tend to experience in our everyday lives. 


We take time outside of our lives to see what we see. 

Find what we find.

Rediscover who we are and where we’re going. 

To get clear. 

We invite you to join us...

We will practice yoga. Yoga Fire + Inquiry Yoga + Yoga Church Style.  Yoga for all levels and all human bodies. 

Physically- as we drop deeply into restorative and gentle poses and tune into the honest voice of the body.

Mentally- as we clear chatter and question patterns of thinking.

Emotionally- as we explore what wants to be felt.

Soulfully- as we listen and communicate with the truest part of ourselves, tapping into answers and inspiration.

We will tap into our own ability to navigate. From this place of deep, authentic connection and support, we find our way. Through stillness and active listening, we see possibilities and hear wisdom. We map our next steps and navigate our journey home. 

We will experience Vermont at its most beautiful. At Stoweflake Resort and Spa, in international destination for its beauty and vibrant community in Stowe, Vermont, we will enjoy a world-renowned spa and explore gentle hiking and local attractions. 

What to expect...

Thursday, August 11th.

Arrive in Stowe on Thursday (or earlier!) by flying into Burlington International Airport. Take a shuttle or rent a car to the resort. Check into your room and get settled. 

5 pm:: Consciously enter the weekend with a gentle yoga practice to begin our retreat. Casually connect with our group. Begin to learn and deepen into what it feels like to truly take care of yourself. 

Enjoy dinner onsite or in town, or retire to your room for a quiet evening.

Friday, August 12th

•Morning:: Gentle Yoga + Learning + Integration in the spa's private yoga studio. 

Lunch on your own to integrate what you're learning through downtime or to connect and visit with new and old friends. 

•Afternoon:: Prepare to dream and scheme through creative, guided exploration and play. Think- Dreaming. Creating. Beginning to map all you've uncovered through your thoughtful morning  practice.

If time permits, enjoy an outing in Stowe with gorgeous hikes, bike paths and shopping. Visit the labyrinth on site. Relax by the pool. 

Dinner on your own or with your fellow retreaters. 

Saturday, August 13th

•Morning:: We return to our mats. Each time we show up, it's an opportunity to find a deeper, more grounded connection as our retreat progresses. Bring the uncovered knowledge you've dreamed and imagined thus far in our retreat into this gentle yoga practice. Move into confidence and clarity in life by practicing it on the mat.

Lunch on your own or with fellow retreaters.

•Afternoon::  Time for the spa! Enjoy a treatment of your choice to integrate our work as you practice self-care and deep restoration. Even if you are not a "spa person" you might consider trying a treatment. The spa director, Surinda, is a dear friend of Pam's and she has brought her Ayurvedic expertise into the spa and built a world-renowned oasis. And if you are a spa person, just know you are in for a treat! As our retreat guests, all treatments are 20% off for the duration of your stay. 

•Late afternoon/Early evening:: Reconvene for a tailor-made group workshop. 

Sunday, August 14th

•Morning:: Yoga together, in our final practice of the retreat. Exiting strategies, preparation and next steps. Make plans for at-home support with each other and re-entry into the real world with confidence.

Restore your connection to the love that surrounds you. Find clarity and strength. Nurture and nourish. Lean into friendship, support and belonging in a sacred space.


Investment :: $699


• yoga • all workshops and group activities • snacks and light fare • use of pools and spa facilities • deepened trust in yourself, freshly honed internal navigation system, retreat community and personal epiphanies:)

Does not include...

• transportation • lodging • meals • spa treatments

Come to Vermont and deepen your yoga practice, your community and your connection to yourself. Quiet the noise. Find space. Begin a conversation with the newest version of yourself. And take all you gain off the mat and into the world. 

Rooms range from $170-$250. Townhouses also available. When booking, mention you are with Pam & Laurie's Retreat for special rates. 

Check out Stoweflake HERE.